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Management Accounts

Our Management Accounts service gives you an insight into how your business is doing. This service can be taken on a monthly or quarterly basis. We will prepare your accounts ensuring journal adjustments for depreciation, prepayments and accruals are calculated. We will then review your accounts and provide you with a detailed pack, which includes your Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet, with Key Performance Indicators specific to your business so that we are able to analyse its performance.

This service can include either a virtual meeting or call to discuss the accounts, or a recording to explain the numbers.

Service includes:

  • Up-to-date Profit and Loss.
  • Up-to-date Balance Sheet with and prepayments, accruals and depreciation adjustments.
  • Profit & Loss narrative.
  • Balance Sheet narrative.
  • Outstanding payables.
  • Outstanding receivables.
  • Revenue analysis.
  • Revenue comparison to previous year.
  • Expense analysis.
  • Expense comparison to previous year.
  • Top 10 expenses.
  • Break even analysis.
  • Customised key performance indicators.
  • Estimated tax provision.
  • Easy to read graphs with narratives.

Optional extras:

  • Video explanation and insights.
  • Meeting.

Prices start from £130/month.